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Oscar the black cat is on a mission to save the seasons of the earth. Strange mythical creatures are loose and their magic has broken the seasons, there's snow in fall, there are flowers in winter and summer everywhere. Use cat magic to capture the creatures. Energize your magic with special seasonal and holiday-themed items. Pocket as many shinies as you can find, and win the game.

Black Cat Adventures is a 2d casual platformer. 
Explore the levels, capture the creatures with magic, pick up or eat fruits, vegetables, hats, and potions to gain magic energy. Haunted houses are portals that transfer you between levels.

Full game has 50 randomly generated levels available.  Levels increase in difficulty as the game progresses. This is a casual game. There are no boss fights.

Unreal engine no longer supports html5. 
The downloads for Windows 64 and Windows 32 are compiled with Unreal Engine 4.24. 

*** Note if you are unsure about the system requirements for Unreal Engine you can download the demo for free and verify that the game will play on your computer system. https://elsandkls.itch.io/black-cat-adventures-v1-demos

Controls:  Keyboard , Mouse, Controller and Touch Screen

ActionKeyboardMouseControllerTouch Screen
LeftA , Left Arrow
Default Left
Default Left
RightD, Right Arrow
Default RightDefault Right
Up/JumpW, Up Arrow, Space Bar
Default Up
ShootE, FLeft Mouse ButtonRight Trigger
QuitQ, Esc
Top Button 

Bottom Button

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  • Note:  This game does not have a save feature. It's more like Pac-Man arcade game where you start at the beginning each time and see how many levels you can beat and how many points you can achieve.
  • Note: We will continue to offer updates for all owners of the game, while we finish testing levels 50 to 600.
  • Once the game is released on Steam we will provide our itch.io customers with a free key for the steam platform (please make sure you provide a valid email address at time of purchase so we can contact you with the steam key).
  • This game includes some basic generic statistics gathering using a 3rd party module, with a focus on level progression. This helps us track where players are encountering errors. We do not track your personal information.

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